Complimentary 10 Minute Phone Consultation and Needs Analysis

    Benefits for Your Company

    Global Messaging Network’s 24/7 business call center and live answering service provides the following solutions to SMB’s

    Win New Business.

    Our Amazing Receptionists will help you win new business which equates to increased profits.

    Save Thousands on Labor.

    Outsourcing your call processing to us is smart and saves thousands in labor costs each year. That’s nice!

    Supercharge Your Phone Image.

    Your phone voice is your company’s image. We’ll make sure it’s always friendly and professional.

    Streamline Your Calls.

    Based on your specific call-flow, your calls will be processed and routed to the right person or department every time. Like clockwork.

    Conduct Business 24/7.

    Our 24/7 Friendly Receptionists will turn your business into a 24 Hour powerhouse.

    Turnkey Solution On-Demand.

    We’re always there when you need us, on-demand, rain, snow or shine.

    Respond Instantly to New Business.

    When a new prospect or business opportunity calls, we’ll be there to answer the call for you.

    Only the Best Equipment.

    We only use the best and most reliable equipment to ensure continuous 99.99% uptime. And that’s not cheap!

    The Best Voices.

    Amazing and friendly voices will answer all of your calls. We promise.

    Minimize Hold Times.

    Using our 24/7 Overstaffed Receptionist Service will minimize long hold times. Your callers will be happy and so will you.

    How Our Virtual Receptionists Work.

    We customize our services to each client’s specific needs and employ receptionists with the best voices for an amazing phone experience. We over-staff our team of live receptionists to minimize hold times and maintain a call to agent ratio balance. In addition, we use the most reliable equipment available today to maintain 99.99% service uptime. Our technology management team implements redundant communications technologies into our network infrastructure, and through the seamless integration of these technologies, we save our clients thousands while creating value and increasing productivity.

    Get Started

    Think of us as your own dedicated telephone receptionists working for you safely around the clock from our own off-site locations.

    Our professional client list includes attorneys, doctors, dentists, contractors, technology companies, entertainment industry companies, security companies, property management companies and much more. We help thousands of businesses communicate better and more efficiently every day!

    In a nutshell, we can handle all or part of your inbound calls based on your designated account rules and criteria, many times better and more efficiently than an in-house receptionist, and without all the fluff. Messages can be forwarded to you via text, e-mail, or phone call, whichever you prefer.

    Usually within 24 hours, depending on account complexity and client requirements.

    Each team member is Individually selected by the CEO and our Upper-Level Management. Our receptionists must meet the following 3 main criteria: 1) Cheerful and Amazing Phone Voice 2) Pass rigorous spelling, typing and grammatical tests 3) Committed to going above and beyond for all callers.

    Our highly affordable plans start from $9.95 per day and will vary depending on the number of monthly minutes used and the account set up and requirements.

    Why Companies Choose
    Global Messaging Network

    Our Team of Receptionists delivers a professional, personalized service to all callers, impressing them on every call with an amazing voice and unmatched attention to detail.

    • Amazing Service.

      Our receptionists are true professionals, answering calls 24/7 and connecting callers and clients, with a smile in their voice.

    • Affordable Prices.

      Our plans start at only $9.95 per day for your own remote 24/7 Live Receptionist Team.

    • Complimentary 10-Minute Consultation.

      An important part of our relationship is our initial 10-minute phone conversation where we learn all about your specific needs. No card required.

    • Bilingual in English/Spanish.

      Our Live Receptionists are fully bilingual in English and Spanish on demand for all of your callers.

    • Up and running in 24 Hours.

      Your account can be programmed and ready within 24 hours. Onboarding takes only 5-10 minutes.

    • Messages sent via SMS or E-Mail.

      Your messages are sent to you in real-time via SMS or E-Mail allowing you to respond instantly to new business opportunities.

    24/7 Live Receptionist Service

    Our Live Receptionist service provides customized solutions for small, medium, and large businesses helping our clients win more business and increase revenue. Through utilizing our service, our clients present a professional company image, while saving thousands of dollars on overhead and labor costs. Smart Indeed!

    Listen to a Live Demo

    We were in search of an answering service company for after-hours calls for our Statewide Restoration Operation.

    - Harolyn S., Premier Restoration Hawaii

    I can’t believe all the features I get at such a great price.

    - Dr. Kassabian, Urology

    Just a note to thank you for your efforts in answering our lines after hours.

    - Chris N., Mint Restoration

    I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me and for your prompt service.

    - Carla L., Document Assistance Network

    You knew exactly what to do and implemented emergency procedures. Thank you!

    - Debbie T., Protech Construction

    I am writing this letter to let you know how pleasantly surprised we have been with the service received from Edmond Cariolagian.

    - Dr. Malka, Celebrity Smiles Dental

    Edmond Cariolagian has been providing excellent service for me such as going above and beyond his duties.

    - Dr. Sachs, Internal Medicine

    The customer services manager, has always been there for us even on weekends and nights.

    - Rita H., Heartbeat Cardiovascular

    I can’t imagine my business without Global on my team!

    - Albert H., Arbitrage Real Estate Group

    We will continue to refer clients over to them knowing that they will be taken care of.

    - Yomi Y., Quality Home Remodeling

    Global Messaging has allowed us to slash the annual cost of a dedicated receptionist.

    - John B., Balian Law Group

    Global Messaging Network is one of the best off-site receptionist services we have used.

    - Dr. Handa, Handa Medical Group

    I’ve saved over $120,000 in receptionist costs in the past 5 years.

    - Law Offices of George Holloway

    I have had the pleasure of having Global Messaging Network as my answering service since 1996.

    - Larayne B., Clothes Heaven