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Effective Answering Services for Legal Practices and Businesses

Legal firms are constantly inundated with phone calls and emails from both existing and potential clients. At Global Messaging Network, we provide 24-hour receptionist and phone answering services with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency to improve your customer service and streamline your client intake processes, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks at hand and grow your clientele.

Have a Ready Response to New Business

Part of maintaining your professional reputation is handling client calls in a consistent and efficient manner. The receptionist at your law office should be ready to handle any new inquiries with professional knowledge and etiquette. This will ensure your law firm maintains organization while be able to scale by allowing potential and existing clients to call with inquiries, book appointments, and send legal documents without the need to talk with you directly or interrupt your working hours. First impressions are everything, as we understand that it’s not possible to have an in-house employee available 24/7 to manage reception services, but with Global Messaging Network it’s not only a possibility, it’s a guarantee.

Improve Communication Within Your Law Practice

Communication is essential to make strides in the legal community. Your receptionist should be able to obtain information that will help in your legal practice. By outsourcing your reception services, you can concentrate on your clients and ensure they receive high-quality legal services. Global Messaging Network will provide virtual receptionist services to your firm to ensure that all information is accurately conveyed to your callers and streamline your call handling by managing appointment scheduling, client intake, inbound calls, text messages, and inbound emails improving your overall client experience.

Improve Client Retention and Increase Sales Opportunity

Professional and prompt customer service is essential for the success of any business. Legal firms need a professional and well-informed receptionist that can respond to your clients’ needs in a consistent and professional manner. Outsourcing your call answering and reception services will ensure that your existing clients and potential clients always speak with a real person and never reach your voicemail regardless of your call volume saving you time and resources in the end.

Increase Your Bottom Line

When firms outsource their reception services to Global Messaging Network, they can earn more profit. This is because our highly trained receptionists can handle client calls and inquiries efficiently, allowing you to focus on your work while also reaching more potential clients regardless of time or day due to our 24 hour availability. This means someone will always pick up the phone, without having to pay someone in-office full-time.

Provide Better a Better Client Experience

With our team of experts, you can rest assured that all client inquiries and complaints will be handled professionally. Global Messaging Network is committed to providing excellent service and satisfaction by offering custom scripting and personalized phone answering. Your clients wont feel like they’re interacting with a call center and will never experience the frustration of dealing with an automated operating system which allows your legal intake process to feel more personal and reassures your clients that they are cared for.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Attorney Answering Services

More Time for Your Lawyers

Time spent answering phone calls is time missed working with clients in-person. With our live answering services calls never go unanswered and your attorneys never need to allocate their time to receptionist duties. This way, your firm can focus on providing quality service to clients, ultimately bringing in more revenue.

Save Time and Money

The cost of having an in-house receptionist is high, especially for small law firms that do not have the resources to invest in this solution. Outsourced reception services will reduce the number of unnecessary calls and interruptions by having a professional receptionist for a fraction of the cost. Global Messaging Network can help your office save valuable time and money by reducing the costs of staff training, marketing, and local phone charges.

Overcome Internal Disagreements in Cases

Some disagreements may arise when your firm works on several cases simultaneously. This is because different legal experts are involved in the cases, and each prefers different procedures. Exchanging information and legal strategies is a complicated process, which outsourcing receptionist services will improve. With a professional receptionist, you can eliminate the possibility of disputes among your employees and increase efficiency at your law offices.

Increase Productivity

Have you ever noticed that every time you answer a telephone call, it takes you five minutes to figure out who’s calling and why they’re calling and tell them whatever they need? By outsourcing your reception services to Global Messaging Network, you can increase the amount of new business generated and increase your law firm’s efficiency and productivity every time a client calls by being greeted by a receptionist who can take down all of their information, and brief them on your business information.

Reduce Stress

Outsourcing your reception services will allow your team to focus their attention on their work. The legal industry is already high stress enough, juggling phone calls and client intake processes isn’t necessary to add into the mix.

How Global Messaging Network Service Works

Incoming calls received by your law office will be forwarded to our call center. Global Messaging Network’s legal receptionists are trained to respond promptly to client inquiries and complaints with the highest level of professionalism. Leave it to us to provide the necessary information to potential clients and handle all appointment setting.

Our professional reception experts will take down personal information from each caller which is stored in a shared database that you will have direct access to. Our technicians analyze your call data to track daily trends of calls and their growth patterns to keep up with the demand of new clients.

We only employ the most skilled and qualified receptionists who have been hand selected for their phone etiquette and pleasant and professional tone. Our receptionists will treat all clients courteously, which is essential for building solid relationships and maintaining your professional image. We ensure that each of our legal receptionists can offer exceptional help and support, which guarantees the success of your law firm.

Global Messaging Network is one of the leading legal receptionist companies that provide outsourced receptionist services to law firms nationwide. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how our legal receptionist services can benefit your firm. We offer a wide range of legal services, including receptionist outsourcing, virtual office solutions, and professional answering services. We pride ourselves on the level of call-answering services that we provide to our clients and hope to help you improve your legal firms reception and client intake services.

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