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Outsourced Receptionist and Live Answering Services for the Medical Industry

Outsourced receptionist and live answering services are a modern-day solution for doctors and health care providers which offers call-answering services for busy medical offices. This service is designed to relieve staff members from answering a high volume of calls, freeing up their time for more important tasks. With outsourced medical receptionist services, staff can focus on patient care and leave the answering of incoming calls and emails to us.

How Outsourcing Your Receptionist and Phone Answering Services Can Benefit Your Practice

Increased Patient Satisfaction and Retention Rates

Our receptionist and phone answering services include custom scripting along with the highest level of professional phone etiquette. This means that your patients will always be well-informed and feel safe with your practice.

After Hours and 24/7 Availability

Our healthcare answering services are available 24/7, which means all inbound calls never go unanswered and your patients will always speak with a real person. We understand that health care is some of the most personal work one can do and because of this, we believe it is incredibly beneficial that your operating system is always manned by a person in real-time. Our receptionists are available to speak with your existing and potential patients to answer questions, schedule appointments, and take down vital information that is pertinent to their office visits such as insurance and medical records.

Cost Savings

outsourcing your telephone answering services can save your business money in the long run. By either replacing or supplementing your existing in-house receptionist services, you can cut down on overtime costs, employee training costs, employee benefits, and in-house equipment.

Improved efficiency

Outsourced receptionist services allow your staff to focus on patient care, instead of answering calls. Healthcare professionals can improve their workflow and employee efficiency by allocating time that would otherwise be used towards answering patients’ calls and appointment setting elsewhere. Your full-time employees can assist other departments which is more cost-effective for you as a business owner.

Increased Patient Privacy

With Global Messaging Network, you can be sure that your patients’ medical information is always safe and handled professionally. Our virtual receptionists are well-versed and up-to-date on all HIPPA laws and have extensive training in medical answering services which means your caller’s information will always be handled with expertise.

With these benefits, amongst others, outsourced call receptionist services for Doctors and other health care professionals is an essential tool in any medical practice that improves your overall customer experience and reduces overhead costs. Global Messaging Network can be relied on due to our vast knowledge and experience in the medical industry. The main advantage is that we operate 24/7, so your medical office maintains a professional and personable image by ensuring that your patients always speak to a real person and never have to deal with the frustration of an automated operating system.

How Medical Professionals and Other Healthcare Providers Can Grow Their Business With Virtual Receptionist Services

To ensure that our staff is knowledgeable about your office and the demands of your patients, we provide extensive training and ongoing support to our team. We have on-call employees to ensure that when someone is sick or out of the office, your business doesn’t suffer. This helps to make sure that each phone call is answered professionally and accurately, leaving your patients feeling satisfied with the service they receive.

In addition to patient satisfaction, you’ll experience higher patient retention rates because of the incredible phone experience your patients will receive each and every time they call to schedule and appointment, inquire with questions, or reach out during a time of need. We are a compliant medical answering service which means we abide by all patient privacy and HIPPA laws on a state-specific basis.

We also offer bilingual receptionist services in both English and Spanish, which means you can provide care to a wider demographic without worrying about hiring a bilingual in-house receptionist.

By working with us, you are able to allocate your time and resources in other areas of your practice without limiting factors such as business hours, employee availability, language barriers, and other complications that arise due to depending on just one or two in-house employees to manage all of your call handling and customer support.

How to Get Started

There are no complicated steps or time-consuming processes for signing up with us. All you need to do is contact us and we will gather the necessary information to set up your account. We provide detailed tutorials and manuals to help you fully understand the process and what to expect in advance so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your practice with peace of mind.

How We Handle Confidential Information

At Global Messaging Network, we take the security and privacy of patient information seriously. All our receptionists are trained to handle confidential data with the utmost care and with compliance to patient privacy laws. All patient data is stored in a secure server that meets industry standards. Additionally, our receptionists are required to follow strict protocols when handling patient data, as outlined in our privacy policy.

We understand the importance of protecting patient information and take every precaution to ensure that it is never compromised through secure messaging and data storage.

Furthermore, we also make sure that our outsourced receptionist services comply with HIPAA regulations. Outsourced receptionist services for doctors’ offices and other medical professionals is the perfect solution for any medical practice that wants to ensure top-notch customer service and maximum efficiency.

At Global Messaging Network, we believe in providing quality service and take every measure to ensure that your patients are satisfied with their customer experience. We offer customized payment options as well as personalized answering services. This ensures that our receptionists can easily adapt to your ever-changing needs on a case-by-case basis you your business grows and evolves.

Why Us

Our outsourced receptionist and call answering services are a great way to ensure that your patients are getting the quality service they deserve. With the help of Global Messaging Network, you can be sure that your patients’ calls are always handled professionally and efficiently regardless of whether it is during or after business hours.

Not only will this save you time and money, but it is also an effective way to ensure the privacy and security of patient data. We are more than happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and provides a tailored approach to complement your practice or specialty.

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