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Posted 1/19/11

Global Messaging Network Saves Companies Thousands by Outsourcing Call Processing – Law Firm Case Studies

Global Messaging Network Fact Sheet


Global Messaging Network Inc. (GMN) is a 24 Hour business call center and live answering service that provides customized phone answering solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. The company’s mission is to help businesses improve their phone image and capture more leads 24/7/365. All this while saving thousands of dollars per year on labor costs.


24-Hour Live Receptionist, 24 Hour Live Answering Service, Appointment Scheduling, Emergency Dispatch, Call Transfers, Text Messaging, E-mail Messaging, Call Management Reports and more.


  • Versatility: Global Messaging Network caters to all types of businesses, including attorneys, doctors, contractors, entrepreneurs, and any business that advertises and needs a live receptionist to answer their calls.
  • Convenience: Global Messaging Network can serve as either the primary receptionist for companies, as well as offering 24 Hours support on weekends and after-hour coverage when the primary receptionist is unavailable. The service also frees up office staff time and allows them to handle the administrative and money-generating duties of the business, instead of focusing on answering the phone.
  • Personal Account Profile: Based on information supplied by each client, Global Messaging Network creates a personalized account profile that contains the data necessary to properly and efficiently handle all inbound calls.
  • Customized Options: Global Messaging Network also offers an Interactive Voice Response automated messaging service and inbound media response. Once the caller’s information is documented in our system,  we will forward that information to our clients via text messaging, e-mail or phone call.
  • Professional Staff: Amazing receptionists that go through an extensive training program prior to answering any calls, ensuring that they offer efficient, professional, and courteous service at all times.
  • Excellent Value: Outsourcing the telephone call processing to Global Messaging Network allows businesses to save on the cost of hiring, training and maintaining an in-house receptionist staff. On average, for as little as $9.95 a day, businesses can have a 24 Hour Live Receptionist available to answer their office calls.