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How a 24/7 After Hours Call Answering Services Can Benefit Your Business

Regardless of your industry or customer service needs, having someone available 24/7 and after business hours can dramatically improve your customer experience and retention rates. We over-staff our team of live receptionists to minimize hold times and maintain a call-to-agent ratio balance. Outsourcing your reception services with Global Messaging Network can pose an alternative or supplement to an in-house receptionist while enhancing your business phone image and streamlining your customer experience by providing the following:

Improved Productivity

After-hours call answering is perfect for enabling you to connect with every existing or potential customer regardless of whether it’s outside your usual working hours. How many times have you missed a potential lead or sale due to an incoming call outside of your regular business hours? Missed calls translate to missed opportunities. By having a receptionist available outside of your normal business hours, you can capitalize on every opportunity and keep customers from ever reaching your voicemail, providing the highest quality customer satisfaction.

Cost Effective

The cost incurred by outsourcing a live telephone answering service is incomparable to hiring in-house staff. There are many additional costs that come with hiring staff, such as overtime and office supplies. By outsourcing your call-answering services, you enjoy immense value for your money spent and save a great deal of money annually. Our pricing plans are competitive and tailored to your unique needs so you never pay for what you don’t need.

Transform Your Company’s Image

Our live virtual receptionists employ the best tactics in handling your clients. We personally select each individual employee for their strong customer service voice and are trained to use very mindful choice of words to help create a welcoming environment for your clients. No one likes talking to a machine or being sent to voicemail.

Customers want to speak with a real person whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Phone calls need to be answered and your customers deserve the highest level of customer support. By implementing a 24-hour answering service, you’ll never need to worry about the time of day or call volume again.

A great phone experience is enough to change your company’s image. Most of your clients will testify to how your business is reliable and efficient simply based on call handling. You can have peace of mind knowing potential clients aren’t falling through the cracks.

Personalized Service

By using our professional answering services you are guaranteed that your call answering has been tailored to your specific business needs. We offer custom scripting, determined by you, to effectively emulate your brand and attend to your customer’s unique needs through excellent customer service.

Having a personalized touch in how you respond to your customer’s complaints, inquiries, and feedback enables you to create a unique connection that keeps them coming back for more goods and services.

Conduct business 24/7

After-hours phone answering and 24/7 live reception services make your business more available to a wider audience. Providing round-the-clock phone services is beneficial not only to your clients but also to your business; it gives you more opportunities to schedule appointments, answer questions, and process payments thus resulting in more customers and more money.

Our virtual receptionist services handle inbound calls, appointment scheduling, text messages, web chat, email, and message taking.

Eliminates voicemail

Using 24/7 live receptionist services eliminates the use of voicemail in business which saves you time with follow-ups. Many customers find voicemails annoying and would rather hang up than leave a message. Voicemail is impersonal, which is why having a full-time live answering service ensures that business calls never go missed.

If you already have an in-house receptionist, consider supplementing that with after-hours call answering. This is a simple solution to keep your existing and potential customers from being sent to your voicemail after hours or on weekends without that call center feel of being shuffled from agent to agent. It’s as if your receptionist was never out of the office.

Time Efficient

A phone answering service allows you and your employees to focus on more important matters like dealing with customers in person or collaborating in the office. Answering phones isn’t something a business owner should have to worry about on top of everything else. This means your time is spent more intentionally and effectively, all while knowing your customer service is top-notch and important calls aren’t missed.

Streamline Calls

A disorganized system is characterized by dissatisfied customers and decreased workflow. On the other hand, streamlining your calls ensures you get customer concerns in real time and give accurate feedback when required. This can mean the difference between a customer and a missed lead.

Your inbound calls should be streamlined so that when a potential client or an existing customer calls, they are greeted by a live person and feel their needs are met consistently, regardless of time of day. Our after-hours answering service ensures that your business appeals to the human quality of connecting with someone who makes them feel heard and understood.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous benefits to using Global Messaging Networks’ 24/7 live reception and call answering services. If you are a business owner looking to make significant strides in your operations, you should consider outsourcing after-hours call answering to streamline your customer service experience and improve your customer retention rate. Your callers will always be greeted by a friendly and informative person who can direct them toward the next steps and answer any questions or concerns.

Global Messaging Network presents you with virtual receptionist and call answering solutions that can tremendously help your company improve the quality of calls, service, and personal experience. Contact us today to learn how we can take your customer experience to the next level and help you grow your business without the need to hire more in-house employees to manage client relations.

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