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Outsourced Phone Answering Services For Disaster Cleanup Companies

Disaster cleanup companies are among the busiest people with 24/7 business hours and incredibly high call volume. Call handling is essential to the success of your efforts, however, it can be difficult to manage inbound calls if you are in the field. Even if you have a receptionist, handling these calls, especially at night or on the weekend, will be impossible unless you hire more than one receptionist and pay them to be there after-hours.

Since this can be costly in the long run, it would help to consider outsourced phone answering services. These services involve virtual receptionists who receive your phone calls and take messages 24/7. Global messaging Network is one of the most reputable and highly rated companies for 24/7 live reception and live answering services.

We are dedicated to helping you create and maintain a good relationship with your clients and promote your brand’s reputation using high-quality technology and experienced employees. We offer customized business answering services for small, medium, and large disaster recovery and cleanup companies to help present a professional image to your clients.

Virtual Reception And Answering Services Process

While we understand that every client is different, below is the process we use to offer our services.

Account Creation

When you reach us, we will require that you create an account to help us understand your business size and goals. We require you to fill out a form with your name, company name, email, phone number, business type, number of employees, and the average number of calls you receive daily.

We also have a part for you to ask any questions. After that, we send you an account profile form questionnaire, then program and set up your account within 24 hours.

Forward Calls

Once you create an account, we route your calls to a number assigned to your company. Therefore, your clients’ calls come to us, but they will not know the difference.

We usually ask you to customize client messages, like greetings and answers to commonly asked questions. This helps your business stand out and confirm to clients that they called the right office.

Take And Transfer Messages

Our receptionists are well-trained to engage your clients and talk them through their concerns. We usually take messages for you and transfer them to you via email, message, fax, or call. This way, you will not miss any messages from your clients and will not be overwhelmed when in the field.

Benefits Of Outsourced Phone Answering Services

You Won’t Miss Calls

Having outsourced answering services ensures that your line remains available 24/7, even when your business location experiences a power outage or phone line disturbance in the midst of a natural disaster.

This also eliminates the chances of you missing incoming calls from those in need of your services and takes the pressure off of your team internally. This is because our outsourced call answering services work just like a call center, but with a more personalized and efficient process. Regardless of whether you are a small business, independent contractor, or corporation, every incoming call will be answered at our contact center by one of our receptionists.

Improved Customer Support and Customer Satisfaction

Clients appreciate businesses with reliable communication, especially for emergency disaster services. Clients are less likely to call again if they call you and reach your voicemail or wait on the call for too long, especially in situations that require urgency. Our live phone answering services enable you to improve your customer experience and offer the highest level of support in the quickest amount of time.

With our telephone answering services, clients can talk to a professional immediately. Therefore, knowing that you will answer their calls quickly, every time, gives them the assurance they need and establishing trust with your company. This helps you to maintain client relationships, attract new ones, and stand out against the competition.

Saves Cost

With every profit-making business, one of the main objectives is reducing costs. Hiring a receptionist can be expensive. That becomes more if you want the calls to be 24/7 because you must hire more than one. In addition to the salary, you will also need to pay employee benefits, insurance, and additional training. The costs end up being exponentially higher than outsourcing your phone answering services.


One of the main inconveniences when you have a receptionist, is struggling to replace them if they quit suddenly or call in sick. This could disrupt the business’ operations and cause you to lose many customers. With outsourced phone answering services, someone is always available to talk to your clients.

Also, since you customize the messages and answers you want our receptionists to give your clients, every client receives consistent services and call experiences.

More Time To Focus On Other Business Operations

Disaster cleanup is usually labor intensive and can take weeks, months, or even years. Whether you are dealing with a fire, flood, or natural disaster. The work you do requires prompt and efficient processes that allow you to get the job done, which is why we’re here to help.

Outsourced answering services give you peace of mind that someone is talking to your clients, and you can fully concentrate on your work. This helps you deliver higher quality services and remain on schedule. As a business owner you can focus on higher level issues and leave the phone answering and intake processes to us.

Better Organization

You usually choose the preferred method to receive client messages when creating your account. However, some are usually more urgent than others, and it can be difficult to scan through all of them to know which ones to respond to first.

Therefore, you can choose different channels for different levels of urgency. For example, you can have the most urgent ones delivered via call and the less urgent ones via message or email. It helps you remain organized and promptly respond to your clients.


In addition to timely call answering, clients also love professional companies. Our receptionists undergo rigorous training to ensure they know how to engage your clients and meet their needs as best as possible.

You can rest assured knowing every person calling in will be met by our receptionists with a calm, friendly, and engaging tone with the patience and knowledge needed to answer all your clients questions and concerns as best possible.

Another essential feature, which many people worry about is information privacy. We understand how vital keeping your information safe is. Therefore, we never disclose any information shared in your application forms or calls with third parties.

Increased Customer Coverage

Sometimes, businesses lose clients because of communication barriers. Our phone answering services include bilingual receptionists who can answer callers who speak another language. This makes all your customers feel appreciated and heard during a stressful time in their lives.

Why Choose Global Messaging Network?

At Global Messaging Networking, we consider our clients as family and give our best to ensure you receive what you pay for. Here are some things that set us apart from the competition:

High-Quality Equipment

We invest in the latest, high-quality and reliable equipment to ensure that we remain operational 100% of the time to answer your business calls and tend to the needs of your customers.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Our well-trained technology management team integrates redundant communication technologies into the network infrastructure to ensure we never miss a call.

Dispatch Services

We can dispatch personnel any time of day or night thanks to on-call personnel changes and instant alerts.

Well-Trained Employees

We thoroughly test and interview our receptionists to ensure they are fluent, confident, polite, and ethical. We also conduct typing and spelling tests to pass accurate and well-written messages. Our bilingual English and Spanish employees will ensure we serve all your clients.


We have worked with many contractors and disaster cleanup companies, giving us the knowledge and skills to handle a variety of clients.

Your business needs call answering services that work as hard as you do to improve your business, and Global Messaging Network is here for you. Call us today for a ten-minute complimentary consultation and customize your outsourced phone answering services.

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