John Balian, Principal Attorney

Balian Law Group retained Global Messaging Network’s 24/7 Live Receptionist service to answer inbound calls for two of its satellite law offices. Because the telephone is the law firm’s life line, business is generally referred from present and past clients, hence, the law firm needs to answer and track all incoming calls.

The law firm uses Global Messaging Network as a substitute for a receptionist at satellite offices in Irvine and Beverly Hills, saving the firm at least $5,000 per month in receptionist salaries.

The live receptionist service streamlines operations and increases efficiency because staff is able to connect with incoming calls instantly, avoiding the downtime involved in playing “phone tag” with current and prospective clients. Hence, the firm’s clients are transferred seamlessly from reception to in-house staff.

“I can conservatively say that without an effective receptionist service, we would lose 50 to 75 percent of prospective clients and 10 to 20 percent of existing clients. To us, that translates into tens of thousands of dollars per month that we could not afford to lose, especially in a down economy,” said John Balian, Principal, Balian Law Group.

By using Global Messaging Network’s 24/7 Live Answering Service, business at Balian Law Group has increased by about 20 to 30 percent and reduced receptionist labor costs by $2,500 per month per office.

What is unique about Global Messaging Network is that the management hires the best bilingual receptionists who are passionate about their job. The training and supervision they receive is one of the highest in the industry. The bottom line is that at the end of the conversation, the caller feels that the receptionist cared about them and has exceeded their expectation in representing the firm professionally.

Balian Law Group is able to retain a much higher percentage of prospective clients. In the past, if the receptionist was unavailable or out of the office, it would be felt immediately in the bottom line.

Serge Tachdjian, Director of Operations

As a 24-hour security guard and patrol company, it is important to be notified immediately, which is why Securitech Security Services, Inc. retained Global Messaging Network 24/7 Live Receptionist Service.

Global Messaging Network answers Securitech Security Services, Inc.’s calls after hours for in-bound calls on the primary phone lines. Securitech Security Services, Inc.’s clients can reach a live person at any time. The operators relay messages to the guard who responds to the client’s need immediately. So seamless, most clients do not know they are calling an answering service.

Global Messaging uses state-of-the art technology that logs all the calls and pages them to the supervisors. The live receptionist service also sends a print-out of the calls every morning. This enables Securitech Security Services, Inc. management to be updated instantly.

Global Messaging’s answering service is a marketing point: with the 24-hour live dispatch, calls are answered by a live person, transcribed and returned immediately and follow-up from staff is efficient.

“At Securitech Security Services, Inc., we pay a fixed monthly fee for Global Messaging’s service; however, if we were to staff instead, we would be paying 20 times the price of the service. Outsourcing is very cost effective for us and we cannot do without this service,” said Serge Tachdjian, Director of Operations, Securitech Security Services, Inc..

By retaining Global Messaging’s off-site live receptionist service, Securitech Security Services, Inc. maintains a competitive advantage. Field supervisors at competitor companies are reached via their mobile phone, so phone conversations are not recorded, transcribed or logged. At Securitech Security Services, Inc., management is more effective at maintaining a high level of client service.

Global Messaging Network provides a type of service that benefits Securitech Security Services, Inc.; clients like to be heard and be able to reach management at any time.

Victor Hairapetian, Principal Attorney

Esquire Law Firm’s principal attorney, Victor Hairapetian, retained Global Messaging Network call center when he first established his practice but also because he initiated a marketing and advertising campaign for personal injury cases to increase his clientele.

“It was important to capture all calls and leads that came in, so I wanted to make sure I was accessible to new clients and someone live was available to answer the phone at all hours to capture all leads and respond quickly,” said Victor Hairapetian.

Now that Esquire Law is an established practice dealing with more than personal injury cases, such as civil cases, trusts and estate planning, Mr. Hairapetian uses Global Messaging Network to retain clients, offer a quick response to clients and prospects, and be available for emergencies at any hour by offering an after-hours receptionist.

“The call center also adds value by allowing me to provide my clients with super service and security, and they like the availability,” added Hairapetian. “Global Messaging Network has been an asset not only when I first opened my law firm as a solo practitioner, but as I expanded and became an established practice. And, it’s definitely priceless when initiating a marketing campaign.”