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The Importance of a Professional Answering Service in Today’s Business World

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The heart of any successful business is having an effective solution to answer customer inquiries, schedule appointments, and manage inbound calls. With the advancement of technology, many companies are choosing to outsource their reception services, and for good reason. Hiring a professional answering service or virtual receptionist allows businesses to save time, money, and resources while providing excellent customer service. This blog post will discuss why outsourcing and hiring a professional answering service or virtual receptionist is necessary for businesses today.

Signs You Need a Professional Answering Service

In 2018, Toister Solutions found that, out of 1025 survey respondents, almost 40% expected a reply to an email within one day, 21% expected a response within an hour, and 13% expected a response within 15 minutes. A reliable telephone answering system is integral to any business’s operations. If your business is experiencing any of these signs, then it may be beneficial to hire an answering service:

Increased employee workload

If your employees have too much on their plate and can no longer answer calls without sacrificing quality, it is time to bring enforcement with an answering service team. Employees can work without interruption and achieve maximum productivity, with the staff free to focus on other aspects of the business.

Not Available 24/7

Being available around the clock sets you apart from competitors and shows customers that you value them enough to always be there when they call.

Unreliable Customer Support

Customers should never wait too long before getting assistance or connecting with a real person. Professional answering services ensure that customers are given quality care immediately and that no customer slips through the cracks.

Missed Sales Leads

A missed phone call could mean lost revenue for your business. Utilizing an answering service helps ensure that every lead is followed up quickly and efficiently, so potential customers are noticed and revenue is maximized.

Poor Organization

Having poor organization can lead to mistakes with scheduling appointments or missing payments from customers. Professional services help streamline processes, making your office more efficient overall.

Benefits of Having a Professional Answering Service

Call outsourcing allows businesses to focus and maximize resources. By utilizing a professional telephone answering service or virtual receptionist, businesses see many benefits such as lowered personnel costs, increased employee productivity, improved customer service outcomes, more sales leads, increased accountability, and office organization, and no clients or customer calls are missed leading to higher rates of customer retention. There are many benefits to outsourcing your reception services:

Lowered Personnel Costs

Outsourcing telephone services helps eliminate personnel costs, such as salaries for extra staff members who would otherwise be needed if in-house receptionists were used instead. This outlet saves the business by allowing them to allocate funds towards other areas such as marketing or product development instead. Additionally, needing fewer employees leads to fewer HR costs which can add up significantly over time if not adequately managed.

Increased Employee Productivity

Outsourcing lets you focus on what you do best. By outsourcing your telephone services, you free up more time for your employees who would otherwise have these tasks assigned to them – allowing them more opportunity to focus on critical tasks such as fulfilling orders or creating new products and services. This system improves overall performance levels within the workplace because everyone has more time dedicated to what they specialize in.

Improved Customer Service Outcomes

Our professional call outsourcing services have dedicated teams to provide outstanding customer service. Using professional telephone services improves employee morale and creates better relationships with customers by providing quick responses when they call in with questions or concerns, resulting in fewer instances where dissatisfied clients go elsewhere due to a lack of effective communication. Additionally, studies show that customer satisfaction ratings increase by 30% when consumers interact with someone from outside the company rather than someone on staff.

More Leads

Taking advantage of 24/7 availability reduces missed opportunities when potential clients call after hours and opens the window for more leads. This availability increases your chances of closing more sales which may have been lost previously due to a lack of timely response times from traditional “in-house” staffing models, which cannot always accommodate after-hour requests.

Increased Accountability & Office Organization

With all calls being handled professionally by trained representatives using modern software systems, it makes staying organized much more manageable. All calls are adequately tracked, including notes related to conversations between agents & customers, making sure everything runs smoothly during busy seasons when workloads become overwhelming quickly. This also helps keep employees accountable since all calls are recorded and logged into database systems. Supervisors can easily track progress without guesswork involved, unlike older manual tracking methods before the advent of digital technologies.

No Calls Missed

With an automated system in place, it eliminates human error caused by tiredness throughout the day, which could result in missed calls from clients & customers leading to unsatisfactory experiences. Missed calls and poor customer service is the quickest way to ruin your brand reputation. When outsourcing your reception services, you can rest assured knowing all calls are being answered and customers are satisfied.

Increased Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your company’s telephone services provides peace of mind knowing that customers will be treated with utmost professionalism each time they call in. This eliminates worry about employees being unable to handle the workload or making mistakes when speaking with customers over the phone. This system helps ensure the company maintains its good standing in the public eye.

Humanizes the Experience

A telephone answering service ensures that the client is genuinely heard and understood. This helps build trust with clients due to increased customer satisfaction, helping your business thrive and ensuring your customer experience ratings are 5 stars every time.

An experienced answering service provider can help ensure customer satisfaction, secure data, and provide personalized customer service consistently. The right answering service can provide customers with a quality experience that will help build customer retention and loyalty.

Ultimately, businesses should focus on selecting an experienced and reliable answering service provider that meets their needs and budget. With Global Messaging Network, businesses can enjoy increased efficiency, better customer relations, and improved overall performance all while saving money.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Answering Service for Your Business


Consider what you are willing to pay for an answering service and compare it to the cost of having someone in-house answering calls. You’ll likely find that outsourcing is always the cheaper option.


Look for a provider that specializes in the type of customer service calls you need answered, such as billing inquiries or technical support.

Quality of Service

Evaluate the provider’s service and ensure it meets your standards. Ask for references from past clients to help you make your decision.


Make sure the answering service will be available 24/7 to accommodate customer inquiries and calls anytime or at night.


Ask about what type of training the agents receive and how often they are trained. This ensures that each call is answered professionally and courteously.

By taking the time to research and evaluate different answering service providers, businesses can ensure they find exemplary service for their needs. The right answering service provider can help maintain a business’s good standing in the public eye while providing quality customer service that leads to increased customer retention.

For excellent 24/7 bilingual phone answering and reception services, try Global Message Network. We are among the best in live reception and answering services offering the highest level of professionalism at affordable rates. Call us today to learn how outsourcing your telephone services can be an excellent investment for your business in the long run!